Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Flags over Texas

Adam won a free trip to Six Flags for getting at least 100 points in Accelerated Reader at school this year!!! He worked so hard for this reward and I am so proud of him!! We left the morning of April 29th at 4:45am from the school parking lot. The school chartered a bus and Adam really enjoyed riding the bus! He brought his DS and itouch and played these games while we drove 5 hours to Six Flags. (we were sitting by his friend and classmate Shelby who is in the back ground here)
We made it to Six Flags at 10am and hit the ground running!! Here we are about to get on the NEW Texas Giant!! It was Sooooooo FUN!
Howdy Partner!!
We were next in line at Mr. Freeze and they shut the ride down to work on it....stinky, but we'll do it in St. Louis!!
We headed from the Freeze to Batman and we got to ride it 2 times in a row!! LOVE this ride!
Here is Adam with the batman car!
Nanananananananana Batman!
Here we are heading to the Titan for the 2nd all we rode it 3 times and it was our FAVORITE!!!

Adam wanted to get so pictures by the signs of the rides we went he is by the Titan and Giant sign.

Heading out of the park with Sonic and Six Flags sign in the background.
Awesome Day!!!!! We were sooooooooo tired, but a good tired!
another Texas Giant Sign!!
Getting ready to head home with sonic!
Totally pretending to sleep because from 4:45am to 11:45pm Adam did not sleep. It was a long day, but so fun that he couldn't sleep till he got in his bed at home!!!
So PROUD of you Adam and I was so blessed to get to share this special day with you!!!

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