Friday, May 28, 2010

End of school Party!

Adam & Jude had games the other night and I got this picture of Adam and Adam. The only boys on the team with last name initials :)
Jude sitting with his team after his game. Eden sat too when she heard to coach say, "Everyone sit."
Last year after Adam finished Kindergarten we started our "End of the Year" party tradition! Everyone has a bunking party in the living room! We pulled in our extra queen mattress and the boys got to sleep on in. The girls stayed up for the movie, but then went to their own beds, but the boys laid on their bed in the living room, ate ice cream, popcorn, and watched Tom & Jerry. They were so excited to "stay up late" that Adam said he wasn't sad that he lost his baseball game because he remembered that they got to stay up late!

Jude and Eden were playing so sweet. Here is Jude trying to get Eden to say, "I'm two!"
Eden really wanted to sleep on the mattress with Jude! Too cute!!
Jude with his special end of the year ice cream...or should I say bat cream!
Adam with his HUGE ice cream sandwich that he would NOT share with Marc (and it was not for lack of trying)!
They boys, in bed, watching Tom & Jerry, and making memories! A wonderful end to a fun school year!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Citizen

Adam received lots of certificates this year for staight A's and reading, but the one we are really proud of is the "Good Citizen" award! Adam behave's himself very well at school and is a great example to all of his friends. He's a great leader and we are so proud of him and the light he is being at school!! Here is to our Good Citizen!!

One Week Away from 2!!

We are going to the beach Saturday for the week and that is where Eden will get to have her birthday! I'm sure we will get lots of pictures, but just in case we don't have the Internet I wanted to wish my E Beth and VERY Happy Birthday!! I can't believe my baby is going to be 2! She's speaking in sentences, sleeping in the big bed, said good-bye to her passy and high chair, and will start potty training when we get home from the beach! BIG STUFF!! What joy she brings to our family! Her brothers and sister just adore her and take such good care of her. Eden loves having them home for the summer because right before school was out we had a morning ritual of her asking me where daddy was, where Adam was, where Jude was, and where Krimson was. We ALL love you EB, Eden Beth, E Beth, Eden!! Happy Birthday!!

Playing in the Rain!

One thing that can REALLY get my kids excited is when it starts raining! They all LOVE running, playing, yelling, swinging, jumping, and acting crazy in the rain. Here are some cute shots from the other day! Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Whose Kids?

I'm not sure if these girls are mine or not....the veggies in front of them would suggest that they are not. This was lunch one day last week for the girls...peas, carrots, and black olives! They enjoyed themselves completely! You go girls, be a good example for your mama!

Adam's Last Day of First Grade!

First Grade...Check
George Welch Elementary...Check!
It's been a great year for Adam. He's loved first grade and has made some nice friends! He's really grown and has done really well this year! Here he is at his desk!
Adam and Wyatt have really gotten close and we've already made plans to hang out this summer!!
Peyton and Adam got close later in the year and he is a fun little boy! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him too!
Miss Loveridge was such a sweet and good teacher! Adam did very well having her as his teacher this year! She always told me how well he behaved in class and at the end of the year he received the "Good Citizen" award for the boys in his class!
Adam by his locker!
We've now got a 2nd grader who will be at Drew Elementary next year with his Kindergarten brother, Jude!!! But first, we've got the summer to take care of!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Jude's goal every game is to bust the fence down with every hit!! He has been a great hitter this year and this was the triple he hit tonight!!

Adam hit his first Home Run tonight! We were losing and his home run and the boy behind him won the game for us!! He was SO excited! He hit the ball out the 3rd base line all the way to the fence! He booked it home a few steps before the catcher!

Double Header

We have been blessed to not have to many games in one day, but tonight the boys played back to back! Jude played first, then Adam! Both the boys look so good in their uniforms and have the same numbers this year!
There is another Adam on Adam's team so he needed the F on his jersey!
A little glimpse of the boys with their gear!

Let's play ball!!!...and they do it well!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Adam's Motor Scooter

Adam taking his birthday present for a spin down the road! He's got the break figured out now!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Adam!

Well, here I'm saying it again...I can't believe 8 years ago today I was in the hospital about to have my first born! Adam Paul! 8 Years Old!! He is so big and acts so old! This year for his birthday he wanted to have his first ever sleep over!! Buddies, Peyton and Wyatt were invited and it was their first sleep over (besides family) too!! What a Big day for everyone, but especially Adam. He was so excited and loved being in charge of the evenings activities.
Jude was his usual supportive brother. When we picked Adam up from school with his two buddies Jude said to me, "I'M SO EXCITED!" He had as much fun as Adam and felt Adam's excitement and really enjoyed the evening!!
When we first got home from school the boys played baseball with Adam's new wiffle balls and bats! They also played on the trampoline and with the Wii.

Adam's buddy, Wyatt, had a baseball game, so we all went to cheer him on (aka play in the dirt).
When we got home from the game Adam went on a scavenger hunt to find his final gift! They all did great following the clues and found the scooter!
Wyatt, Jude, Adam, and Peyton riding the Razor's out front!
Of coarse it wouldn't be a party without a little dress up time! This is just one of many different outfits they all had on!
Thanks to Aunt Kelli for the newest costume...Wolverine!!
Adam got Sorry Sliders for his birthday from Peyton and the boys had lots of fun playing it!
After a long and crazy night the boys finally crashed. Memories were made this night that we will have forever! Adam said he wanted to do this all again next year when he turns 9!!
Adam's Birthday Cake!! The same girl that made Jude and Krimson's cakes did an awesome job again!
Happy Birthday Adam! We love you! What a young man of God you are becoming! You are wise beyond your years and have a heart of Gold! We are enjoying growing with you. Love you Buddy!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

End of the year Programs!

Jude and Krimson ended their school years this week! They both had cute programs that I videoed, but here are a few pictures!! After Jude's program we celebrated with a little "Fouts Tradition"...ICE CREAM!! Growing up we always went out for ice cream after music programs and Marc and I have kept that tradition going! The kids love it, and don't let us forget!! Here are the girls and boys enjoying their treats after Jude's program!

Krimson's school had a play day in the park yesterday and program today! Our kids have been very blessed with some amazing, God lead pre-schools!! We love WEE school and the Children's Garden!

Here's Jude and Eden with their drinks at the Park!
Krimson about to slide down the big slide!!!

Jude jumping down the slide...always thinking outside the box!!

Eden enjoying the dirt!! She was filling her sandals here with lots of dirt!!
Krimson is on the first row, second from the right!!
Krimson getting her certificate from Mrs. Carrie!!
One happy girl!!!
Every year the kids get a special notebook with their art work and pictures that the teachers took!! Getting this scrapbook is worth it all!! Love the memories!! Thank you Mrs. Carrie! See you next year! WE love you!!