Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monster Trucks 2011!

MONSTER TRUCKS 2011!! The boys always look forward to this night with Marc! Well, this year Adam invited one of his best buds Wyatt and Krimson got to come! I'm laughing cause she's in the back ground...the boys were very kind to let her "tag" along. (She was VERY excited...she led into asking if she could go with, "I love my boys...")
Here they are taking off on their MONSTER TRUCK ride!!!
Hang on!!!
Krimson with her first MONSTER TRUCK!! They all had a blast!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Marc's Old Football Jerseys

Adam and Jude were preparing for wrestling with Marc and they surprised him with this!!
The boys thought they were pretty funny! Adam has Marc's college jersey on and Jude has his high school jersey on!
Jude is pretending to catch a football!! After this they changed to the white jerseys! It was really cute and cool to see them in his jerseys!
Krimson decided to give it a try too, but with the shoulder pads on! That's my girl!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

NGF and Basketball

For Christmas Adam got a set of Nerf guns and every since then they have changed how we play everything!! Marc and the boys were playing a Nerf gun version of hide and go seek and decided we needed more space. So, we called another family that has kids the same age and sex as ours and met them up that the church building for NGF (Nerf Gun Fight) It was a blast and we are now going to start a weekly date of NGF!! It is fun for the WHOLE family...that's right parents play too! We have a flag that lights up that we can find in the dark, we play hide and go seek, and the kids love to play against the parents. I'm sure there will be more blogs about this coming soon!!!

Here is a picture of the boys before we began the night! I told them to scare me...the Spence boys boys? not really sure what they were going for :)
The girls enjoyed mixing it up as well! They didn't really stick to the rules, they had their own "Shoot the boys!" Worked for me :)
Saturday we started our 6 week stretch of Basketball!! The boys were really excited! Here is Kate, Krimson, Jude, and Brodie waiting for Adam and Jonathan's first game to start!
Marc is coaching both of the boys teams and they both have orange jerseys! Adam's team is really good and I'm excited to see how they do this season! Adam got lots of steals and was quick on his feet. He scored in all the games today and in the last (short) game he had the only points!

In between games Terry Slawson goes over the scripture for the season with the kids! I love how he always brings us back to what really matters!
We were at Seeker Springs ALL day Saturday (7:30 am till about 2pm). So, Eden got a little tired by the end. Krimson and she did great cheering on the boys and being patient!
We played on the play ground outside during the break between Adam and Jude's games!
Here is Marc talking with Jude's team! Jude is the only player that has played basketball before. Needless to say it will be a hard season. Jude was the only player that scored for his team all day. Marc did a good job being patient and helping with the basics like dribbling and going the right direction! This age always provides LOTS of entertainment!

This Saturday was a fun day at the gym. They had shooting contest, dribbling contest, and running contest. They also had the coaches shoot baskets and if they didn't make all of them their team got to pick out a funny wig for they to wear! Well, as you can see Marc didn't make all of his shots and this is the wig he got to wear! The kids all thought it was really funny (except Adam...he didn't like the girl looking wig). Krimson really loved that it was purple!!
We are looking forward to more games and lots of fun! Go Orange Teams!!! (I think Adam's team is calling themselves the sharks and Jude's team is calling themselves the bobcats!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hair Cuts

I got my hair cut right before Christmas break and the girls now decided they wanted to join the short hair club!! I cut Krimson's hair a year ago like this, but this was Eden's first big hair cut. They are so excited about the cut and have loved show the new due off!
Eden was hard to catch on film, but you can see the in mirror!

Krimson had enjoyed brushing her hair more now that it's short...
and this face is what she had made all day today when she looks in the mirror/fridge/window (wherever she can see her reflection). I think she told me at least 4 times today that she LOVES her beautiful hair cut!!