Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girls Night Out!

Krimson has been asking for a Girls Night Out for a few days now and tonight it finally happened!! The girls got dressed up in their best gymnastics outfits, high heels, and biker shorts/leggings and we hit the town! Their monkey's, Cherry & Monkey, came along to for the fun!

The girls always have the best posses for me that say, "I'm out on the town and I'm going to have a GREAT time!!" They turned heads every where we went and brought a little joy to the Monroe Pecanland Mall :)

Our big adventure tonight was getting feathers for the girls hair! They were so proud and very excited about how beautiful they looked!!

There is never a dull moment with these two and I am so proud to be called their MOM!! I love you girls! Thanks for showing this mom a good time :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

School Year Kick-Off!

Better late than never :)....The boys started school August 17th. They were 1/2 ready and 1/2 not. We hit the ground running with them because they both started football this year and it started this week too. Adam is in 3rd grade and Jude is in 1st. Adam jumped right in to homework and reading. Jude is not so pumped about homework, but he does it well once I get him to do it. It's going to be a GREAT year!!
Krimson started school August 22. She is going to The Children's garden this year. She's doing pre-k 4 as a 5 year old. She was SO excited to go to the school that the boys did at this age. She goes and comes from school every day VERY excited!! She is eager to learn and shares everything with me.
Peace Out!! September 8th Eden got her turn!!! She's been asking since Krimson went to school. Eden started WEE school this year and she is in the pre-k 3 class. The first day I think she hugged her teacher like 10 times :) This week is her first full week and she couldn't be more excited! Her teacher, Mrs. Angie, gave her a folder for her papers and she wanted to show everyone that first day. If she gets this excited about her folder this year is going to be REALLY exciting!!
Blessings on EVERYONE as this school year is officially kicked-off and Blessings on my sweet Fager kids as you change the world every day!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The latest on the girls

Krimson and Eden have been asking for a while now to paint. I was organizing their bathroom closet and found this basket and Eden had the great idea to paint IT!! Smart girl...and it looks beautiful!!
That same day, but later Eden was running from the bathroom when I was calling her and busted on the floor. We tried to save her tooth, but it just wouldn't stay in her mouth. Poor girl.
There was LOTS of crying and LOTS of blood, but she is tough (and now she looks it)
My 4 kids have now all officially knocked out their first tooth. Technically Adam's didn't come out right away, but the doctor pulled it and Krimson's got shoved back in by yours truly and it stayed in. Jude and Eden both got the shove, but their teeth didn't want to stay. I think some kind of mouth piece will be in our future :)
The night after the "incident" Marc took the girls to see the Smerfs....they LOVED it!!! The girls shared a seat, drink, and popcorn. Notice how lovely they made themselves for their date :)
School for the boys starts next week, Krimson the next, and Eden after Labor Day. It Begins!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Backyard....DAY 9

Well....it took a while, but we finally got some sod! We spread seed first, but with all the rain we have had lately it was washing away and the birds were enjoying what was left. So, Saturday Marc, John, David, Adam, Krimson, and I laid some sod. It was fun to watch our dirt backyard turn into grass instantly!

For now we just got 3 pallets and put the grass where we really needed it and we are letting the spots where the seed had taken root grow into the sod. So, right now we are watering, watering, and watering some more!! Thank You Lord!!!!! We will have a backyard to play in this summer :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Adam!

9!! I can't believe Adam is 9!! I guess I'll be say this every year, but I am amazed every year how big my kids are getting. Adam had a nerf gun war birthday this year and it was a BLAST!!!!! We had about 16 kids and 8 parents playing! It was kids against adults (or re-dults as Adam would say)! The battles were good and we all agreed we wanted to do it again next year!!

Here is the awesome cake that Melissa Shelby made for the party. Once again, it was perfect!!

Here are the kids lining up to shoot a few dads!! Not sure how much fun the dads had, but the kids really enjoyed it!!
Happy Birthday Adam!! 8 was an amazing year and I'm excited to see what 9 brings!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Krimson!

Krimson's birthday this year got spread out over a week!! It started with her friends party at Kiroli park on Good Friday!! It was a beautiful day and we had a Tinkerbell party!
Then we headed to Searcy for Easter and celebrated with Grandma and Big Daddy, and all the Searcy cousins!
OUR plans were to be home for her birthday, but Monday night our van was hit in the storms that passed over Little Rock. So, we spent the night in Little Rock. Krimson's actual birthday was spent in the hotel and van driving home to West Monroe. We picked up some cupcakes in Sheridan to celebrate the actual day!
Grandma Vicki was waiting for us at the house when we got to Home and she bought Krimson a princess cake to celebrate too!!!
Things were crazy this year, but it was fun celebrating Krimson ALL week long! What a bright light she brings to our family. I love what a sweet big sister she is to Eden. She is so smart and learns so much from her big brothers! I wouldn't change you Krimson Leigh for anything. She is her own person and I can't wait to see that develop!! I LOVE YOU Krimson! Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Flags over Texas

Adam won a free trip to Six Flags for getting at least 100 points in Accelerated Reader at school this year!!! He worked so hard for this reward and I am so proud of him!! We left the morning of April 29th at 4:45am from the school parking lot. The school chartered a bus and Adam really enjoyed riding the bus! He brought his DS and itouch and played these games while we drove 5 hours to Six Flags. (we were sitting by his friend and classmate Shelby who is in the back ground here)
We made it to Six Flags at 10am and hit the ground running!! Here we are about to get on the NEW Texas Giant!! It was Sooooooo FUN!
Howdy Partner!!
We were next in line at Mr. Freeze and they shut the ride down to work on it....stinky, but we'll do it in St. Louis!!
We headed from the Freeze to Batman and we got to ride it 2 times in a row!! LOVE this ride!
Here is Adam with the batman car!
Nanananananananana Batman!
Here we are heading to the Titan for the 2nd time....in all we rode it 3 times and it was our FAVORITE!!!

Adam wanted to get so pictures by the signs of the rides we went on....here he is by the Titan and Giant sign.

Heading out of the park with Sonic and Six Flags sign in the background.
Awesome Day!!!!! We were sooooooooo tired, but a good tired!
another Texas Giant Sign!!
Getting ready to head home with sonic!
Totally pretending to sleep because from 4:45am to 11:45pm Adam did not sleep. It was a long day, but so fun that he couldn't sleep till he got in his bed at home!!!
So PROUD of you Adam and I was so blessed to get to share this special day with you!!!