Monday, July 19, 2010

Six Flags '10

Friday we spent the day at Six Flags in St. Louis! What a Day! Here is Kate and Krimson with the pig tails...ready for the day!
E Beth?...Check!
Karie with a van of kids?...Check!
Aunt Kelli and Papa?...Check!
Made it to the park, now ready to go with their shades on!
Adam hit the rides immediately with Aunt Kelli and Papa...on the BATMAN!!

Jude...just hanging out!

We went into the water park, but weren't there for long...the rides were calling us!

The girls in their rides for the day!
Krimson LOVED all the characters...she hugged some so quick I couldn't get a picture!
Kate was fine with waving from a distance.
The boys waiting to ride the BOSS!! Jude has now decided that this is his favorite ride!
Grandma and Jude about to ride the Mine Train...this was gma first ride in how many years? Way to go gma! Taking one for the team!
Jude and Aunt Kelli about to take off on the Mine Train!
Adam has been "saving" Superman for Aunt Kelli and I just want to say WOW!! That ride was freaky!!
Kate and Krimson rode every ride in the kids area! They both played so hard and fell a sleep on the way to the car for lunch!

Papa on the swings with the girls!

Adam with his end of the night milk shake!! What a fun packed day!! See you next year Six Flags!!

Zoo, Tea Party, & Cardinals Game!

Saturday we got up early and went to the Zoo! We got there right at 8am and got to pet the new Sting Rays for free! The Kids LOVED that! After the Zoo Vicki took the 3 older girls home for a tea party while the rest of us went to the Cardinals game! What a day! (I got the pictures mixed up, but I think you'll still enjoy!)

Vicki and the girls decorating the cake! Getting ready for the tea party!
The girls picking out what they will wear for the tea party!
Grandma Vicki all dressed up for the tea party!
Finally! The girls are ready...the brownies are ready....the table is set....time to PARTY!
Grandma and Krimson
Aunt Kelli, Krimson, and Kate (the 3 K's!)
Eden Beth slept most of the party, but she still got to enjoy after her nap!!
The LADIES of the day! Cheers!
Here are the boys ready for the Zoo!
Looking at the Sting Rays and waiting for them to come close so we can touch them!
Adam petting the horseshoe crab!
Our hands in the water waiting for the sting rays!

The girls checking out the fish.
Eden, Grandma, and Papa walking to see the snakes!

Jude comparing his tongue to the Jaguars...pretty close!
This bird LOVED Adam...Adam wanted to take him home!
Petting the rabbits!

Eden LOVED the Elephants!

Adam and Brodie looking at the BiG fish!

The kids waiting to go into the penguin building
Krimson and Kate preparing for the STINK
All the kiddos at the Zoo! What a weekend!
Kate, Krimson, Eden, Brodie, Adam, Jonathan, and Jude
Krimson & Kate concerned about the dead rabbit that was feed to the snake...

The Fager Girls with the Giraffes
Are you Ready for some BASEBALL? The boys at the Cardinals game in front of the Dizzy Dean statue!
Marc and Adam
Papa and Jude
Steve forcing the smile b/c the Dodgers lost...sorry...GO CARDINALS!!
That's all FOLKS! Thanks Gma and Papa for a fun weekend! We'll see you soon!