Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Searcy with the Fouts clan. We had none stop fun and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Lots of activities and peanut butter balls!
Dad put this acrostic's crazy how fast he can make one of these!!
Mom and Dad got a hot tub for their 60th birthdays this year and we all enjoyed their present!
I got these two pictures swapped...below is a picture of Dad with the turkey's he made for the kids to throw darts at. The picture above is Adam throwing a dart at one. They had a good time and all got to pop at least one turkey!!

Eden Beth sliding...she loves it and has not fear.
Thanksgiving Eve we had a is Easton, Luke and Adam enjoying the warmth and dogs!
Dad made a scavenger hunt and we all broke into teams and went a hunting!! This was Marc and my team...front row: Eden, Krimson, Jude, & Easton/back row: Micah, Karie & Marc.
We went on a evening hike one evening and then big daddy surprised us with fireworks at the end!!!! Here is Krimson and Mary holding hands on Me and Angie's shoulders. (You never know when you are going to need your sunglasses, even on a night time hike :))
Mary and Krimson, best buds!!
Jake, Andrew, Adam, Ty, Jude, & Isaac. There was a lot of basketball playing too!
Now for the FEAST! Everyone wrote on the leaves of these trees what they were thankful for! It was a fun activity that Gma had us do.
Big Daddy and Grandma enjoying Thanksgiving lunch!
Nick & Renee
Todd & Marcie
Angie & Joe with Chelsea
Karie & Marc (once again you may never know when you might need your sunglasses...always be prepared:))
Hannah & Dane
19 of the 20 grand kids ready for some yummy food!!!! (Eden was already napping)
Finally I got to hang out with some "forever" friends!!! Jenny was here from Australia, M-M from Tulsa, and me from Louisiana!! What a blessing these two girls have been in my life. Thanksgiving was full of family and friends and we were all Blessed to be together!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like?

Christmas is coming, but first the goose must get fat!! Peanut Butter Balls were requested for the Fouts Family Thanksgiving, so me, Adam, & Krimson got busy. We made our first batch of pb balls today and we'll make the second batch in the next few days. We don't want to run out this year...!!!
Krimson sitting on the ladder wishing she was on the roof with the boys. When I boosted her up so she could see them she decided the ladder was where she would rather stay!!
The boys putting up the lights on the house! They were so excited! It started to rain so we will have to finish tomorrow!!

Working hard...more pictures to come!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast & GP Day!

Krimson had her first school program yesterday!! She was really excited, but I was really unsure what we were going to get! It was so cute...she sang beautiful and did the sign language to the songs GREAT! It was really cute and she kept giving us the thumbs (flumb-as K would say it) up and winking at us! I loved it...she was really sweet!
Grandma and Big Daddy came down for the program and feast! The food was yummy and the kids loved the dessert table!
Adam's first grade class has Grandparents Day and a Thanksgiving feast today! All the boys in Adam's class wore these head dresses and the girls had Pilgrim hats on! We had some yummy cafeteria turkey, but Adam and Krimson choose the traditional Thanksgiving corn dog to eat!

Eden loved the turkey and sweet potatoes! I thought this was a funny shot to show how we had to cram her in between the sets at the cafeteria. She didn't mind!

The kids spelt HOORAY FOR GRANDPARENTS and had a sweet comment for each. Adam said, "R is for Grandma's Rocking Chair" He was very nervous, but did great!
Then of coarse the traditional "Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey run away. Run away. If you're not careful you will be a mouth full Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day!" Good Times!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Clothes? Who needs them? I was working in the kitchen and one by one my kids lined up on the table to watch Tom & Jerry! I was laughing after I took this picture b/c it was a typical Fager Kids clothes! Enjoy all of you who wouldn't recognize my kids with their clothes on!! That's just the way we roll in the FAGER house!!

(Eden was really excited b/c usually when she tries to get on the table her dreams are foiled by Mommy pulling her off saying, "No! No!" She was very proud at this moment that I let her sit on the table.)

Boys Camping Trip

The boys have been wanting a boys trip every since the girls and I went on ours, so this weekend they got to have one! Marc took the boys the Lake Darbonne here in La on Saturday after their soccer games and camped out over night! Here are the boys with the tent ready to go fishing! No fish this weekend, but they had a good time trying!

They brought Leopard so it could be an ALL boys weekend, but the girls got called in to come pick him up about 6pm b/c Leopard wanted to bark at everything! I took this picture of the boys around the camp fire!
Marc said the boys had fun taking lots of silly pictures that night before they went to sleep!
The boys had fun at the play ground and Marc said that he spun the boys so fast on the tire swing that Adam slid off into the middle of the tire b/c he was so dizzy...what a great dad! :)

What's a camping trip without light sabers?????
The boys fishing! Marc said it was beautiful by the water and he got some great shots of the boys! They had a great time. The only complaint was that it wasn't long enough! Good Times!

I love my boys...all of them! What a special time camping!

Monday, November 9, 2009

First Pig Tails!

Eden's hair is growing faster in the back than on top (aka mullet) so it was about time we tired to pull it back!! Gma loves to do the girls hair so Gma put Eden's hair in pig tails Saturday before the boys soccer games. I didn't get good lighting b/c by the time we got outside they were out, but it was cute for a little bit! I'll keep trying!!! It was so cute and Krimson really liked them!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rodeo Day

Jude's school, Children's Garden, had a rodeo day Thursday! Jude was going more for the Indiana Jones look, but we was excited!! It was more about the party, but he did have fun riding the horses!
Jude getting prepared to ride the horse...not real excited yet, but...

Ride on COWBOY!!
Eden Beth had fun playing on the play ground!
Ride on COWGIRL!!
Jude decided to wear his hat this time around!
Jude was shooting at his friend Ethan!
Good Times!!
Donuts for a snack today! Jude was very excited and wanted more!!
Yeehaa! Cowboy JUDE had a blast at rodeo day! (Eden and I did too)