Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THIRD Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we (the girls) went to Krimson's Easter egg hunt at her school!! All of us girls wore dresses for the party! Here is Krimson with two of her best buddies Abigail and Alli.
Before the hunt the kids showed us their song and dance to the months of the Year! Cute!
Krimson patiently waiting for Mrs. Katie to say, "GO!"
Eden not so patiently waiting for the "GO!"
Now it's time!! Eden is getting the hang of this egg hunting thing, now that it's her 3rd one!!
Krimson bolted over to the steps...I guess she had eyed some eggs she wanted over there when we walked up!
Eden eating some M&M's she got!
Krimson going through her eggs and sporting her new black shoes that she has worn everyday since she got them!! Thanks Grandma Vicki!! I think I know what her Easter shoes will be this year!?!
It was warm in the sun, but the shade was still cool with the wind blowing. Krimson was really needing her sweater here! Still got a smile though!
Eden asking her most popular question right now, "Mommy, Candy?"
Krimson's WEE School class!
When we got back to the classroom the kids all had ice cream Sundays!! The girls didn't even want to look up for a picture...must have been GOOD!
We stopped on the side of the road today to get a picture with Krimson and some Crimson Clovers!! Hannah told me about these wild flowers last year and I never noticed any "not" on the side of the road. So, when I saw these out this year we pulled over and got some shots. Krimson was so excited to see the flowers that have her name :) It will be so special every year when these come out because it will always be around her birthday!!!!!!

Crimson and Clover, over and over!!

SECOND Easter Egg Hunt

Jude had his egg hunt Monday!! He was so excited!! When we got to the park that day he could hardly contain himself and when his teachers said, "Go!" he was off!! The kids were to only get 12 eggs...well, Jude got enough to share with Eden and Krimson!! What a helpful brother :)
Eden, Krimson, and Jude getting a taste of the Loot!
Jude's best buddy, Ethan!
Snack Time!! Donuts, cheese puffs, marshmallows, and water...let's just say there were no empty plates!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

FIRST Easter Egg Hunt

We started off the week with a visit from Papa!! The kids had a blast! The weather was so nice and we painted the carport one day. Here's Jude with Leopard showing off their art work!
Eden enjoyed the washing off of the paint better than painting :)
Krimson called to me from the living room, "Mommy, come check out your family!" They had just sat down to watch a movie. Sweet kids!!
This morning started out COOLED, but warmed up as the day went on. Here the kids are riding the "Bunny Train" to the egg hunt!!
Eden & Jude
Here are a few of the 7000 EGGS that were out over 3 families yards!! Our baskets were over flowing!!
Adam jumping to eat the bubbles from the bubble the air!!
Adam and Jude checking out the bubble machine! The girls loved chasing the bubbles everywhere!!

Krimson is at the right with the pig tails!! She waiting with 3 of her friends for Mrs. Lindee to say GO for the egg hunt! (Jude looking on at the left :))
Getting instructions...
GO!!!! Marc ran off with the boys, so I just got pictures of the girls hunting! They really enjoyed the hunting! Eden really started enjoying it when she realized there was candy IN the eggs!!

Here is Krimson with her friend Bella and their baskets FULL to the brim!! What a beautiful and fun day!!
We left the egg hunt and headed to Jude's soccer game and this picture pretty much explains his game...I can safely say his mind was not in the game today as you can see he's pointing at an airplane!! But he did have fun and always has a smile on his face!!
Marc and I decided that one of the kids birthday presents this year would be their own fleece blankets!! Marc and I got ours the year Adam was born and have loved them, but our kids have slowly but surely taken them over. We've decided we want our blankets back, so today I made the 3 older kids their own blankets. They had so much fun picking out the colors and "watching" me cut and tie them together! Everyone is happy now!! (Krimson wasn't for the picture, but...)
Krimson still not wanting pictures, but Eden wanted in on a picture and we gave her one of the small Cat in the Hat fleeces we have! We'll let her pick out her own color's when she gets bigger!! Happy Birthday Kiddos!! Stay Warm...I know Mommy and Daddy will now!! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marc & Jude's Birthdays!!

March 19th was Marc's Birthday!! The kids and I got him an ice cream cake!! Adam is holding up 2 3's behind Marc's head!
6 years ago the Lord Blessed our Family with Kenneth JUDE Fager!! Today is his day and we are rejoicing and being glad in it!! This year Jude wanted a Super Mario Birthday! Our friend Melissa Shelby made this cake and it was awesome. (tasted as good as it looked too)
Adam made this special birthday hat for Jude and he wore it with honor. Adam was so sweet and made him lots of cards too!
Jude and Ty at Jude's party this weekend!!
Jude with is cake (and Becca who turned 6 March 3rd)!
Jude licking his candles after he blew them out!
Eden, Maia, and Charis coloring together after Jude's party. So SWEET!
HULK!! Jude LOVES the hulk and smashing things so this costume was much needed!!
Jude with his Batman cave and Krimson with the cash register!
DS game baby! It wouldn't be a party (at least for Jude) with out a DS game!! I think he was excited about it...can't tell??? :)
He really wanted these "spy glasses" that could see in the dark...we gave it a shot and they are pretty cool. He went to bed wearing them last night. I was expecting to wake up in the night with him staring at me in them....
Jude with his birthday sign...and eyes old are we?
That's open eyes!!
To complete the night Jude, Adam, and Marc played some Super Mario (notice Adam has on the spy glasses while he plays) :)
Had to get a shot of FASHION GIRL! Gma Vicki sent some stylin' shoes down for Krimson and she even slept in them last night!! I don't know if you will be able to tell by the picture, but Krimson is stylin' here :) Love this girl!!