Thursday, February 25, 2010

Target Practice

For Christmas Adam got a Beebe gun from "Santa" and this past weekend he got in some target practice. He's shooting at the Diet Coke bottle under the fort. He did really good, and found a few Beebe's stuck in the leg of the fort that was next to the bottle and thought that was pretty cool too!! He let Marc, Jude, and I get a few shots in, but just a few. We got some squirrels that steal Leopards dog food that we want Adam to take care of for us....we'll see!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

With our beautiful day off, the family walked around a park here in town. It was chili, but a lots of fun! Notice Krimson's choice of hiking attire? That's our "Fashion Girl" as she calls herself!

This is a long walk way across the swamp that the kids always love going across!

Happy President's Day!! It was so Beautiful Day here and hope you all had one too!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

We started our morning off...finishing off the boys basketball season!! They had a great day with good defense, Jude made a shot from the field as well as his usual free throws, and Adam rocked the house with around 20 points today!! Everyone got plaques and the boys kept them in hand till they got home. Soooooo FUN!!
Tonight was our date night with the kids. Marc got dressed up and took the girls out and the boys got dressed and took me out!! Here is Krimson with the bag for Eden, present for Daddy, and her choice of dress and shoes. That's my "Fashion Girl" as Krimson would put it!!
Here are both the girls waiting for Daddy to get ready and paint the town!!
Daddy and his girls!!! They were so excited. Marc took them to Copeland's and then Toys R Us!
Here I am with my dates!!! Adam suggested to me what I should wear, and then we hit the Japanese Steak house and Maggie Moos!!!
This was the boys first time to a Hibachi restaurant and they LOVED it!! Adam watched every move and tried everything. He wants to start going here for our Sunday lunches instead of Johnny's. I told him it would have to probably stay as our Valentines date :)
Jude was the cooks favorite fan!! He kept calling for more!! More Fire!! More Eggs!! More Everything!! Do it Again!!! It was great to hear him cheer our cook on! Jude liked the chicken a lot, but didn't really care for the surprise there.

Maggie Moo's is always a hit! Jude enjoyed his cotton candy ice cream with marshmallows!

Adam enjoyed his cone with cotton candy ice cream, chocolate sprinkles, regular sprinkles, and Reese's pieces!

Marc gave the girls a necklace and Krimson was so excited to show me when she got home!! We Love you Kiddos and look forward to this special night all year!! Happy Valentines Day!!
Adam closed out the night with his 2nd lost tooth!! Marc pulled it for him and Adam was so excited...we'll see in the morning if the tooth fairy comes?? :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in Louisiana??

Well, I didn't believe it when the news called for snow...I never do down here, but everyone goes crazy and calls school off and shuts everything down hoping the news crews are correct. This time they were...evidently it hasn't snowed like this in 9 years!! Adam got out of school early yesterday and they called it off for today and he was so excited!! Adam was the first out in the snow this morning, he was so excited!
I was shocked how much snow came! When it first started yesterday it wasn't sticking at all, but as the night wore on it stuck more and more!

Here is Eden's bike...

The snow was perfect for snowballs and rolling a snowman. It packed great and it was lots of fun to throw!!!

Jude enjoyed throwing the snow while Daddy and Adam made the snowman!
I'm not sure how many snow angels Krimson actually made, but she had lots of fun doing that. She also got into the snowball throwing as well!!
This was the first snowman that ended up falling over, but Marc recovered nicely...
Eden enjoyed eating the snow and walking in the mud from the melted snow...and of coarse wearing the necklaces the whole time!

The final product!! Notice Marc and Adam (the two creators) are the only ones looking and who were happy...just had to get a family photo...oh well! Happy Snow Days to you Louisiana!! It only comes around every 9 years!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go Saints!!

Here's to our #1 Saints fan!! Adam used his Christmas money to get his first Saints jersey!! I can't tell you how excited he was to finally get it. The stores here have been out and we have gone every day to look. Today we finally found one and he couldn't wait to get it on!! He wanted to get pictures from all angles with both shirts on...Jersey and Championship Shirt!!

GO NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!!! 2010 Super Bowl Champions!!!!!