Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big Surprise!

Well...Marc pulled off one of the BEST surprises of all time!! 2 weeks ago he drives me out into the middle of no-where Louisiana and had me guessing what I thought we were going to do. Let's just say I wouldn't have...We drove down a dead end road and pulled into what I thought was a barn and then look up and saw this sign...
OH YEAH!!! A Dream come true!!! I have always wanted to skydive, but resolved that it may never happen. Well, I obviously didn't know my husband well enough! Not only did he make it happen, but it was near Shreveport, LA, the weather was perfect (which speaking for LA that's a lot), and the place was beautiful!
HEY! I'm 34 now and about to jump out of a plane at 10,00o feet, free falling at 125 miles per hour...who needs to look good!!
Here is the plane that took me, Bill (the professional skydiver that I was strapped to), and a pilot up!! Our runway/landing was the grass you see under the plane.

Here is the one seat inside the plane (for the pilot) and I sat on the floor next to him with my back to the front of the plane. The door that slid down beside me was completely clear. I was sitting, what felt like, on the edge of the plane and when it was time this is where we jumped out!
Here we are taking off...
We made it!! Me and Bill after the jump!! What a day...what an experience. He videoed it and I can't wait to get it in the mail. Thanks MARC...the BEST husband this skydiver could ever ask for!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soccer Season 2010

Adam after his first game in 100 degree weather. There are a lot of new rules and plays, but he did great in his first game. He has one boy on his team from last year and the rest are all new. They look like they are going to be good!
Krimson was so excited to play her first game and she was AWESOME!! She scored 2 goals and one of them was the first one of the game! She played hard and never complained. We are going to have a good season!
Jude started the morning for us and he came out with his gun loaded!! Jude also opened the season with a goal. He played real hard and cheered for his team just was hard! Jude's playing with all boys from his team last year and one new boy (who is awesome). They are going to be good and lots of fun to watch!
This is where we will be for the next 6 Saturdays!! Cheering on our soccer kids!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Grandma and Papa came to visit this weekend and it was so fun and relaxing!! They brought the beautiful weather that all the rest of the US has been having to LA and we were so happy! We had a birthday party for them, swam, played kick ball, games, jumped on the trampoline, shopped, ate at Johnny's, watched some movies, played the Wii, and just had a big time!!

Thanks for coming down and loving on us Grandma and Papa!!!! WE Love you!!!