Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soccer 2009

Krimson asked for 3 ponytails for the soccer games today! She's a trend setter!?

Jude started his soccer season today! He was so excited! His team is the Tigers and that is one of his favorite animals!!

The score was like 7-8 (they don't keep score so that's a rough guess), we lost, but it was lots of fun. I think everyone scored a goal! Jude got close on a few others too!! We are so proud of him and he LOVES it!! Adam will start his season next week!
Blue ice cream to celebrate! Jude's tongue is so long!
Adam was a very supportive brother even though he was so sad about not having a game today! He wore his jersey all day!
Krimson with her pink ice cream! She is the boys #1 fan! She's already talking about her girl soccer team next year!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whoo Whoo, Here Comes Spiderman!

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web any size...
Catches criminals like their flies. Who0 Whoo, here comes Spiderman!
(The boys were begging me to take some action shots of them! They were pleased!)

Rockin' R Ranch

The kids went to a birthday party today at Rockin' R Ranch and they had a blast! They got cowboy/girl hats, got to feed & pet animals, go on a hayride, play games, ride horses, and of coarse eat cake and ice cream! Even though it was wet, it was an awesome day and party!
Krimson's hat had a pink bow around it!
Adam didn't want to wear his hat for the picture, but the boys did wear their hats most of the day!
Eden really wanted to pet the animals. This was a baby goat/kid!
Eden with a miniature horse, and then Krimson and Eden with the horse!

Krimson loved feeding the animals and fed everyone of them. This was a potbelly pig.
Adam just wanted to feed the horses.
The sheep loved to be fed and would stand on the fence to eat.
Jude was not interested in feeding the animals, but he enjoyed looking at them and saying how much they stunk! He wore the cowboy hat well though!
The kids taking off on the hayride. Not sure what Jude's eye was doing, but they had fun!

Krimson was SO excited to go on her first horse back ride!!! She and Adam had fun and smiled the whole time!

Pinatas(sp?)!!! The kids all put the hurt on this cowboy hat pinatas(sp?)! You can't even see it in Jude's picture because he had already hit it when I took the picture. Adam got to hit it last and bust the candy out for everyone!!

What fun birthday party! The kids had a blast and Adam said he want's a party here one time for his birthday! Rockin' R Ranch was Rockin'!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Running in the Rain!

Like most of the South, we have been getting rain all week and it looks like it's NOT going to let up any next week. The kids have loved playing in the long as it's not lightening. The 3 older kids want to wear their swim suits in the rain, but Eden just takes off out in the rain. She loves it! They all do and I'm so glad b/c we need to get out of the house. Cabin Fever has set in and the natives are getting wrestles. (these pictures were taken yesterday and we've already repeated this today too)

I washed our little potty and set it in the rain to continue the cleaning. I'm glad it was clean b/c Eden played with it a lot.
Krimson would stop every now and then and tell me she was taking a time out! She'd just stand like this till she started running again.
These boys were needing to wiggle!

Eden & Mommy Day!

I have really enjoyed 3 mornings a week with just Eden! It's been very special to get to play with her and do what she wants. She's been so cute and funny, and I can tell she knows it's special too!

Yes, my hands still sweat! You can see them shinning here.

I love our special mornings and I will cherish these days always! I love my Eden!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Voice of Truth

Our Kenneth Jude LOVES to sing! He loves to praise the Lord with his voice and I love to hear him sing it out! Watch this and you will hear why too!!

Krimson's First Day of School

Good Morning from the Fager Crew! Krimson is FINALLY going with the boys to school this morning. She as been very patient in her waiting and this morning woke with much excitement, and something in her eye :)

The boys doing their morning routine...eating! Jude is a little more ready to go then you can tell.
The face of a VERY excited little girl! She is feeling pretty big and who wouldn't be?

Showing off the back pack. She wanted more stuff in it, but I had to tell her we couldn't bring everything from home in her back pack.
3 very big kids heading off to school with Daddy! They all love riding with him in his car! Have a great day! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Notre Dame

Well, not many of our friends can get as excited as our family about Marc & Dad's special day in South Bend, IN!! Mike & Abe Laughlin, Lee Fouts, and Marc Fager were like kids in a candy store. Saturday, September 6 they rose at 5:30 am to leave at 6:00 am and drive 2 1/2 hours to get to South Bend about 8:30 or 9:00 am. They walked, took pictures, smiled, laughed, walked some more, took MORE pictures, hugged each other, and bonded in ways that only men can fully understand (I think I can...and was a little jealous I wasn't invited, but it meant a little bit more to Marc). Marc got picture crazy and called me 3 times before the game, none during the game, and once after. Can you tell he was SO excited? By far the 6th best day of his life after marrying me and having 4 kids of coarse :) The only thing better would have been a North Caroline home game playing Duke...that's saying a lot! Needless to say Marc & Dad had a great DAY!

Can you read the fine print?

Had to get some Rudy shots! Marc aka Rudy and Dad aka Priest..."There is a God & I'm not Him."

All of ND National Championship rings for all sports...All ND Heisman trophies and photos

TD Jesus

The end to a perfect day...VICTORY!! 35-0 Irish!!