Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Basketball 2011

The boys basketball season ended this past weekend! What fun we had watching them, but most of all...What Fun THEY Had!! They both had 2 games every Saturday for 6 weeks...that's a lot of basketball!

Here's a shot of Adam warming up!
Making a move down the baseline!
Getting back on defense!
Adam and his friend Jonathan! What a great season and lots of fun!
Here is what Jude and Brodie did as they waited for their games. Every week they had to sit through 3 boys games and 2 girls games before they got to play (we didn't sit the whole time, but they were ready to play when they got to the gym at 8am and had to wait till 1pm...troopers)

Jude rushing over to play defense on the guy taking the ball out of bounds!
JUMP BALL!! (I thought this picture was really funny...see of you can see why)
Jude shooting his free throw at half time...every game they shoot free throws that count for their team score!!
The boys biggest fans!! Krimson and Eden did so good cheering on the boys and watching the games! (except Eden's potty runs)

Good Sports!!
Coach Fager with his team...the Bobcats!!
Coach Fager with his team...the Sharks!!
Good Job Boys!! We Love You!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines 2011

Valentines day is one of the most special holidays for our family!! Every year the kids, Marc, and I look forward to this day!! Valentines 2007 we started our family tradition where Marc takes the girls out for a special date and the boys take me out on a date. The girls get all dressed up for Marc and he takes them out to eat where they want to go. The boys and I get all dressed up and they take me out where I like to eat. We go all out and get dessert too! It's such a special time. Of coarse all of this is training for our kids for when they really do go out on a date...some day (a long, long time away :)). Here is the kids treats in the morning when the woke up!
Marc and the girls!! Krimson talked all day about their date!!
Marc got the girls flowers and they were swept away. Krimson carried hers all around before they left and found a nice spot on her dresser for it!
When Eden got her flower she hugged it and kissed it and said, "Thank you for my flower." about 3 times in a row.
Here are some pretty shots of my pretty girls!!

For the boys and me it's all about the food! I got Adam to put a nice shirt on and it went great with his grey athletic pants! Jude won't even think about dressing up, so I didn't even try. Adam told me he thought about our date all day while he was at school. He decided where we ate, that we should shop some, go to a movie, and eat ice cream! Both boys were so much fun all night and very sweet! Look out girls!! (but they are mine for now:))
Happy Valentines Day!!