Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Pictures

Got the girls fall pictures back today and I was sooooo pleased!! They took these at Krimson's school. Yeah, these are my sweet girls!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trunk or Treat '09

Trunk or Treat was another hit this year!! It was difficult to get them all to stand still together, but this one will work. We have Darth Vader (aka Adam), Spiderman (aka Jude), Ladybug (aka Eden), and Pink Puppy Dog (aka Krimson).

Snack time!! I don't think Jude went home with any his bucket. It was all in his belly before we headed home. Luckily he didn't walk around to much and didn't have much candy.
Adam really liked the popcorn balls! He also enjoyed the fried biscuits with powered sugar on them!! He made two laps around the circle of cars to get candy!!
Eden Beth also enjoyed the popcorn balls, skittles, suckers, and sausage-on-a-stick!
Krimson was sweet to share her candy with daddy!! She liked the flavored tootsie rolls and gummy candy!
They were all looking forward to the annual train ride!! This is a hit every year and the line is always long!! Marc waited with the 3 older kids and it was worth it...for the kids!

Jude's buddy Thomas jumped in his car for the ride!

We brought our carved pumpkins a set them up on our Life's Healing Choices group's table! We served Frito pie, cokes, and haystacks! The food was a hit and went fast. Here is a shot of all the pumpkin's that everyone brought...ours was the bat (of coarse)!

Let your LIGHT shine for all those to see!! What a beautiful and fun night!!


Today we decorated pumpkins and cookies!! We had some paint, glitter glue, and Marc carved the BIG pumpkin. Eden had a little help from Krimson and Me!
Jude really enjoyed using the glitter glue...maybe a little too much.

Krimson spent the most time with her pumpkins. She worked a long time and was very proud to show off her handy work!

Adam requested a bat in our BIG pumpkin and Marc did an awesome job. We will try to get pictures of it lit tomorrow!!
Kelli helped trace the bat in black!!
Aunt Kelli got some sugar cookies for us to decorate! We dyed the icing green and had lots of sprinkles to top them off!!

Let's just say that most of the icing went into the mouths of those decorating before it went on the cookies!! Isn't that how icing is suppose to be eaten?

Eden pointing at her icing this year!
Gotta get a tongue shot of Jude!! He loved the icing!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch #2

The whole family went to the Pumpkin Patch tonight with Aunt Kelli!! The kids had a blast in the tunnels and picking out their pumpkins to carve!

Kelli & Jude sleeping on a bench...I guess the pumpkin patch is just really boring to Jude.
Aunt Kelli and Eden looking for Eden's pumpkin (Eden brought her purse)!
Krimson doing a GG pose of the "Pot" :) We all got a kick out of this pose she came up with!
Jude playing peek-a-boo as spiderman!
Adam wheeling the pumpkins around while we were looking!
The Girls!!

Love this picture!! The kids had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch this evening. Eden even cried when we made her leave. We'll have more pictures of the carvings and other fall fun as it continues this weekend!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Patch #1

Krimson's class from WEE school went to the pumpkin patch today at the First Methodist Church in Monroe!! This is always a fun field trip and I love to take lots of pictures so here we go!!

Krimson watching as a lady carved a pumpkin for them to take back to school for their class!
Checking out the seeds and slime inside the pumpkin!
Watching the final cuts to the pumpkin's mouth!
Krimson is on the far left (raise your hand Krimson for everyone to see!) and this is her class with Mrs. Carrie.
Krimson sat on many pumpkins and wanted me to take her picture! Good Times!

At the end all the kids got a little pumpkin to take home! Krimson was very excited about her little pumpkin!!

Here is Eden checking out the pumpkin during the carving.
Our littlest pumpkin!! Eden actually is not feeling well in these pictures...we're going to the doctor this afternoon.

This was the best shot I got of all 3 kids...awesome! Oh well...I'll keep trying.
Jude didn't stay still long for many shots, but I did get a few good ones!

Running through the pumpkin maze was Jude's favorite part!! This is want he wanted me to take pictures of...him running!
Nap Time!! Jude's idea too...just know that if you ever see a serious shot of Jude it is rare. I love my Jude! We had a fun morning at the pumpkin patch. We are going back tomorrow with Daddy and Adam to pick out our pumpkins to paint and carve, and I'm sure I'll try to get more photos!!