Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Krimson!

Krimson's birthday this year got spread out over a week!! It started with her friends party at Kiroli park on Good Friday!! It was a beautiful day and we had a Tinkerbell party!
Then we headed to Searcy for Easter and celebrated with Grandma and Big Daddy, and all the Searcy cousins!
OUR plans were to be home for her birthday, but Monday night our van was hit in the storms that passed over Little Rock. So, we spent the night in Little Rock. Krimson's actual birthday was spent in the hotel and van driving home to West Monroe. We picked up some cupcakes in Sheridan to celebrate the actual day!
Grandma Vicki was waiting for us at the house when we got to Home and she bought Krimson a princess cake to celebrate too!!!
Things were crazy this year, but it was fun celebrating Krimson ALL week long! What a bright light she brings to our family. I love what a sweet big sister she is to Eden. She is so smart and learns so much from her big brothers! I wouldn't change you Krimson Leigh for anything. She is her own person and I can't wait to see that develop!! I LOVE YOU Krimson! Happy Birthday!!

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Amanda said...

Happy birthday Krimson! I've really been thinking about you a lot lately, Karie. We're expecting #3, and we'll have a 2 yr gap between all ours, too. How do you do it? You really do give me hope! :-)