Monday, July 27, 2009

The Kids

It was hard to get 6 kids together for a shot, but here are my 4 and the Theobalds 2 at the dads basketball tournament! They were hot, hungry and thirsty, but played great the whole time together! They had to make due with dirt, a few steps, empty water bottles, and their imaginations. Oh, to be a kid again!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


We had to get a shot in before the sweat...but it was already 80 at 8am!!
Marc, Tyler, and Josh had to play the first 2 games with no sub...our 4th teammate Josh #2 got there for the last 4 games!

They were all smiles during the warm-up (if you can even call it that in LA's heat)


Nice Shot! That's my husband!!!

Got a bonus shot block out of Tyler...who knew? We'll take it anyway we can from whomever we can!

Here's the Tyler we all know and love! THREE!

We could count on Josh to get physical and drive to the hole! It's always nice to have one blue collar player on the team.

Water, Water, and more Water!!!! The games were right in a row so the guys drank as much water as they could in between games! We actually had a little shade too!

That's right people... 2nd place!!! The guys were very happy with 2nd and had no clue that the prize was an ipod!!! BONUS! They lost their first game then rallied and won 3 straight and got beat in the finals to a very good, taller, more athletic, younger and energetic team. Well...maybe next year! Good Job MEN! Marc had a perfect day with a group of good guys hoopin' it up!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a little Mac 'n Cheese?

Eden was really enjoying her Mac 'n Cheese last night. I think I waited a little to long to give her dinner. She was holding the bowl up to her face and licking the bottom of the bowl, as you can tell from the cheese all over her face. We all thought it was pretty funny and she was smacking her lips at us to let us know how much she was enjoying it all!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures Galore!

Just lots of pictures of some good times lately!!!

Eden Beth

She loves this little rocking chair

What the boys do the whole time in the pool wrestle and Wrestling










...and of course more wrestling


too ... princess!

My two princesses! Eden was so cute walking around in her dress for the first time! She kept touching her dress. Krimson thought it was so fun that Eden was a princess too!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stuck Inside

With our heat index being constantly over 100 degrees for the last month we can only be outside if there is water. I spray the kids with the water hose some of the day and then we stay inside for the rest. Here is what the kids are doing...Krimson and Eden play with babies and purses & the boys play games! We've also built many forts and had lots of crazy dance parties! We have to get creative, but it's fun to see what the kids come up with! Yes, cabin fever has set in and we try to get out, but it still has to be inside some where. Welcome to Louisiana summers.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camp Tahkodah

We had to stop at Camp on our way home and it felt like I was going home! I love going out to camp and it was so fun to be out there with a session in full swing. They were swimming, playing, making milk shakes, and eating pizza for dinner! I loved to see the kids play in the creek! Just a few more years and maybe we can work out there again! We just need the kids to be a little more older so we can actually help. I love Camp Tahkodah!


We took the train to Chicago from St. Louis with Grandma and Papa! The kids had a blast & so did we! Aunt kelli was a great guide and got us every where right on time! We saw some awesome fireworks over Lake Michigan and had fun celebrating America's birthday with the Fagers!