Thursday, August 26, 2010

Royal Ball

A couple of weeks ago we had the grand opening of our new children's wing at church! The whole thing is painted like the kids are in a castle and it looks AMAZING!!! Well to night was the "Royal Ball" which translates for the kids (pizza party!!). The kids were so excited to dress up and they had a blast! Here are some pictures of my princesses and knights!

Krimson, of course, has a fashion pose for the camera! She changed her look many times before we actually left, but this is one of them!
Eden woke up from her nap with a princess dress being put on her, but once we got to church she was fully awake!
Jude put on all of his gear from his Rite of Passage! The boys also made their crowns yesterday from some card board.
Adam couldn't fit into his Under armor shirt from his Rite of Passage, but we had another one! Many other boys and some dad's kept asking the boys where they got their swords! They were so excited to bring them. (I'm glad cause I was the one that ended up caring them most of the night ;)
Eden was excited to get her sword at the "Ball"
Here is Adam with his sword from the "Ball"
Krimson has lots of things in her hands, but she could still fit a sword! The girls also got their fingernails painted and wanted to get their faces painted, but we ran out of time. Next "Ball" maybe :)
Jude stopped fighting his friends long enough for me to get a shot of him with his new sword! The boys spend most of their time at the "Ball" fighting with their swords!!
Here's a shot of the boys at the entrance to the children's wing. As Under armor's slogan goes, "WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!" WFR is raising young warriors, knights, princesses, and children for our King's Kingdom!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

End of the Summer Pics!

Here are some pictures of things we did this summer in-between our trips!! Fun things we just did here around West Monroe!! Our summer is officially over, and our summer has been FUN!! Here are some of the good times we had!

The kids painted their hands and made the beautiful paintings!!
On a few HOT days we went to the Jungle Gym for play and cool off!!
Adam got up many mornings and took his time building some really cool things! It was a good time to build with no one awake to knock them over :)
The kids enjoyed a lot of their lunches outside on the patio! They were always up for a picnic! Their friend Annabelle came over a lot to picnic too!
We made it to Searcy a few times to swim in the pond...and play with the kittens! Eden and Becca are good buddies and loved playing together!
We went to a few parks, but the heat kept us from very many this summer. Here is Eden swinging and with her styling shades...such a COOL girl!

The girls got invited to a Luau, pool birthday party!! They LOVED their dress up stuff they got!
The boys enjoyed some fishing! Not many fish were caught, but when they were it was worth celebrating!
Here is Jude being the sweet big brother he is...Eden wanted him to hold her hand in the van! (I love the nose picking and legs crossed as well)
This face woke me up once this was a very pleasant way to wake up I must say :)
Krimson's friend, Bella, came over to swim one day and they had LOTS of fun!!
Bella's cousin, Peyton, also came and Jude and he had fun. Peyton and Jude go to the same school this year together.

We went to a friends house on night and their 12 year old daughter enjoyed putting make-up on the girls. Krimson added some extra on...can you tell?
Eden sat very still for her! It was so cute!!
Pretty Girls!
Eden enjoyed being a cat on day...Meow, was her answer for most of the day!
This is where most of our minutes this summer were spent...swimming in the pool!! Adam is showing off his skills as he leaps over Eden into the pool!
Jude "flying" over Adam!
What a fun, crazy, relaxing summer! School has now begun and soccer is soon to follow!! We will have many memories of this summer! I love my kids and all the time we have gotten to spend together this summer!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jude's Rite of Passage

Jude is starting Kindergarten this week and Marc took Jude out for is first Rite of Passage! He was so excited and asked me all day on Friday when Daddy was getting home!! They drove to Searcy late Friday night and stayed at Gma and Big Daddy's house. The next morning Big Daddy and Marc got up and set up the scavenger hunt while Gma and Jude read books.

This first picture is Jude with his map that Big Daddy drew up (not to scale I'm sure..hehe) for him to find his armor! Marc and Jude had read Ephesians 6 before the hike so Jude knew what he was looking for!!
The Belt of Truth!
(rock climbing belt that Jude used later that day!)
Breastplate of Righteousness!
(Under armor...perfect wording for what they were reading about!)
Shield of Faith and Feet fitted with readiness!
(wrist bands are the shield and Witness bracelets are around his ankles)
Helmet of Salvation!
(climbing and bike helmet)
Sword of the Spirit!!
(A friend of ours made this when Adam did his rite of passage and we had him make two at the time, so they both now have matching swords!)

A Strong Warrior for Our Lord was lifted up this weekend!! To God Be All the GLORY!!!!!
We Love you Jude and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!