Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Boys Running Home! (in baseball)

Jude called Marc on the phone and told him he had a Home Run!! He was so excited he beat the catcher to home plate!!
Adam got batted home for the first time and he was excited too!! He has done well getting on base, but couldn't get someone after him to hit him home until last night!!

Just some highlights from our boys games!!

The Boys Hitting!! (in baseball)

Adam has done really good in his first two games at hitting from the pitching machine! He listens to his coaches well and runs the bases fast!!
Jude is hitting really well this season and has gotten a lot faster! It's so fun watching Jude because you can tell he loves to play baseball!!

We are so proud of our boys and how hard they play. They are both such good examples on their teams and listen to their coaches very well. We have so much fun watching!! We got a lot more baseball to play and watch so I'm sure there will be more later!!

Louisiana Purchase Zoo

Krimson's class went to the Zoo today and she was so excited!! When we were pulling up to the Zoo she was squealing about her friends and Mrs. Carrie.
Here is Krimson and some of her friends checking out the birds!
Rhino...this Zoo is not taken care of very well, so we don't make it here too much. It's sad seeing how bad the animals live.
We got to the Zoo right when it opened, so we got to see the Lions and tiger being let out of their cages. It was really cool to see them come running out. Here is Krimson with her classmates right after the Lion's ran out!
Here is Eden checking out the snake...the monkeys and birds were her favorites!

Krimson and Brodie checking out the Alligator!
Here is the tiger taking a dip. The tiger was really entertaining to watch. It was active today!

Here are the girls checking out the hippo!! Eden's trying to get out of her stroller!
Krimson and Ella have no fear and were really invading the peacock's personal space. I thought one time Krimson was going to get it...we followed this guy around for a while.

Eden would have grabbed this guy if she could have.
At the end of the tour the kids all got a snack!! Yeah, everyone was hungry!! Krimson said to her teacher when we were leaving, "Mrs. Carrie, I really loved seeing the animals today!"

Jude's Soccer Party!

Saturday, Jude's team had their end of the season soccer party at Johnny's pizza. Jude has so much fun with the boys on his team and was so excited about the party. Here is Jude eating their cake with his trophy!
Jude was signing his coaches soccer ball just in case he's a famous soccer player one day!! :)
Here are the girls enjoying the cake too!!
GO TIGERS!!! It was a fun season!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Face Paint!

Last night we had CR in the Park ,and Krimson and Adam got their faces painted! Krimson was really excited about her flower!
Adam waited a long time in line and when he got up there he had a list for the girl to paint.
USA Flag on one check, the gospel on the other check, and cross on the forehead....but he's not done!
Adam went back for more on his arms!! He was so proud and thought the smear looked AWESOME!! What a Jesus Freak! I Love IT!!

You can get a shot of Jude in the back ground...he and Eden jumped on the trampolines the whole time and stopped just at the end to play football. I tried to get pictures, but they were too blurry. We all had a great time playing in the park with our Forever Family!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Adam's Baseball Season Begins!

Adam's in his first year of Pitching Machine! Tonight was his first game and he did great! Got on base every time and threw the ball in from Right Center good! Their team lost, but he played hard and had a great time! I love seeing the boys in their uniforms!! I'll get some video's on soon!!


We are starting our Good-bye's to our house at 501 Lakewood Dr. One of our favorite places is the backyard!! Here are the girls on the tire swing...this was one of Eden's first times. We will miss our big trees that hold the swing and fort! 10 more days and counting!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flower Children!

On Tuesday and Thursday nights Marc and I have to split forces for the boys baseball practices. This past Tuesday I went to Adam's and Marc had the other 3 at Jude's practice. This week Marc and the girls took a little hike at the park Jude was practicing at and came upon a garden of one of our Lords most beautiful creations....FLOWERS!! The girls loved it!! Marc texted me these first 3 pictures while I was still at Adam's practice!!

When Adam and I got home from his practice Jude and Krimson led me to my room where they had placed all the beautiful flowers that they had picked in their hike!!
Krimson was the most excited about what they had done for me...what a sweet, sweet girl!!
Krimson started this idea of pictures...Adam didn't want to join in, but the other 3 thought it was pretty funny!!

And this is how the evening ended...yes, that is underwear on their heads and all over the room. I love my kids...what can I say!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Girl Swing

Eden has been interested in swinging in the big swings instead of her "baby" swing!! She does a great job holding on and she LOVES being so big!!
Here she is saying, "Push" to me...I guess I was taking to many pictures!
Finally got a "Cheese"!!

Soccer and Black Olives!

Well, Jude had his last soccer game on Saturday and it was a 15-2 victory!! Jude had an awesome season with his teammates and this game was a great ending to a great season!! As you can tell from these pictures these boys had lots of fun together!!

(Adam's team had a great season too, but it was really unorganized and it ended before we knew it...His last 2 games were cancelled and never made up. It was really disappointing for Adam, but he did play really well this year! His coach has said they will have a party soon and I'll get pictures at that!)

Here is Eden at Jude's baseball game. She had Adam's toy gun, but thought I had said, "Gum" and tried to chew it the whole time, so cute!
My girls LOVE black olives!! I put some in a bowl and the girls shared them, but not before they had some fun!! Krimson said to Marc, "Daddy, my finger's disappeared!"
Adam doesn't like black olives, but liked the fun the girls were having!!
Eden was so cute trying to get these on herself!! She ate the most!!

10 for 10!!