Friday, August 12, 2011

The latest on the girls

Krimson and Eden have been asking for a while now to paint. I was organizing their bathroom closet and found this basket and Eden had the great idea to paint IT!! Smart girl...and it looks beautiful!!
That same day, but later Eden was running from the bathroom when I was calling her and busted on the floor. We tried to save her tooth, but it just wouldn't stay in her mouth. Poor girl.
There was LOTS of crying and LOTS of blood, but she is tough (and now she looks it)
My 4 kids have now all officially knocked out their first tooth. Technically Adam's didn't come out right away, but the doctor pulled it and Krimson's got shoved back in by yours truly and it stayed in. Jude and Eden both got the shove, but their teeth didn't want to stay. I think some kind of mouth piece will be in our future :)
The night after the "incident" Marc took the girls to see the Smerfs....they LOVED it!!! The girls shared a seat, drink, and popcorn. Notice how lovely they made themselves for their date :)
School for the boys starts next week, Krimson the next, and Eden after Labor Day. It Begins!