Sunday, January 24, 2010

Monster Trucks!

The boys have been waiting since last January for MONSTER TRUCKS to come back to West Monroe...the wait is over!! Marc and the boys went today and had a blast. Here they are going on a ride in one of the MONSTER TRUCKS before the show started.
Adam said that they went really fast and spun in circles in the the video Jude said it was really, really cool!!
Here are the boys with their buddy Landon after the ride!!
Jude also wore his MONSTER TRUCK shirt too!!
Adam could stop talking about it to me when they got home...I think he had fun!?!
Jude tried on Landon's ear protectors....?

Adam said he'd like to drive a monster truck when he's in college...what a major fun BOY day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rolling in the Leaves

This is how Eden spends most of her time on the trampoline! We had a beautiful day Thursday with the weather being around 60!! So got some much needed backyard time and the kids has such a are some shots I got!

This is a little scary and funny!! Krimson just got kicked in the mouth by Jude, but I really wanted to get a shot of her static hair!! I know, I'm a great mom and Krimson is going to love me when she's older!!
Adam helped me rake a big pile of leaves for everyone to jump the trampoline!! We got some awesome shots here too!

Adam deciding it would be funny to throw leaves on the other 3 as I shot this picture!
This was the best I could do getting all three... It was a fun afternoon and hoping the weather keeps it up and we can get back outside more!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Girls

These two sweet girls are becoming closer friends everyday! Eden will follow Krimson around everywhere!! It's so cute and Krimson is loving having a playmate!!
Krimson put her glasses on the end of her nose, looked out the top of her glasses, and said, "Look Mommy, I'm a grandmother!" Here's to you, both of Krimson's grandmother's, who look out the top of their glasses!! She's watching...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Basketball Season '10

We started our 6 week long basketball season today!! The boys were really excited!! Marc is coaching them this year and so when I say the boys were excited I meant all of them!!
At half time all the players get to shoot free throws that count for their teams score!! Here are the boys shooting and making theirs!!
Jude (even though Jude is 5 and is suppose to be 6 to play the numbers were down in the league this year so they let him play for our team since we only had 5 players!!!)
At the end of the games Terry Slawson talks with the kids about the Bible scripture for the season. This year it's, "Because you we're loyal with small things I will let you care for much greater things." Matthew 25:21 We are so blessed to be apart of Seeker Springs Basketball League and are looking forward to cheering on our boys this season!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Pictures of Christmas Presents

On Tuesday, when Eden and I have a morning together, Eden dressed up in her new Lady Bug dress and wore it around all morning. She also carried Krimson's Hello Kitty purse around too. What a cutie!!
Eden got her toe nails painted for the first time last night! She watched Krimson get hers done and then sat on my lap, pretty still, as I painted hers!! She was excited to show if off to the boys. I also painted Krimson's finger nails and Eden wanted those done too, but I decided to wait a little longer on that :)
Adam's favorite game, right now, is Skip-Bo!! We play it everyday and multiple times in one day too. He usually bets me too, and if he doesn't...we play again so he can :)
Daddy and Jude (and Adam) love to play our newest Wii game...Super Mario Brothers! It's a toss up who loves the game the most...Marc or the Boys?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Father's World

We had so much fun in the snow this Christmas! Here are some shots of the beauty that the Lord literally showered on us!! Only Our Lord could do something so BEAUTIFUL!! The first 3 pictures were at Marc's Grandmother's house in Forreston, IL.

These pictures were taken in Rockford, IL as we headed back to St. Louis.

The Lord kept on blessing us with snow as we were in St. Louis too!!

What a way to end our Searcy the sunset was just majestic!!! Thank you Lord for show us You in this wonderful world that You made. We enjoy it so much!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve the kids decorated these yummy cookies for "Santa"
Here they are in front of our new Christmas tree (thanks to Krimson)!
Reading the Night Before Christmas...always eventful!
Christmas morning...Krimson with her microphone!!
The boys with their hulk hands and wolverine claws!!
Eden with her princess baby...can you tell she was excited!!
We headed to St. Louis after our Christmas morning and Grandma has some trees for the kids to is Krimson with hers.
Gma and Papa took the kids to Build-A-Bear and the kids all had fun making their own special animal...I don't think they wanted me to take this picture though.
We had snow up north and here is Eden taking her first steps in her first snow ever. Jude making sure she's okay.
Jude with one of his favorite snacks...SNOW!
On New Year's Eve we went sledding at Marc's old elementary school. We had a blast!!
The boys with Aunt Kelli!!
Adam took off from the sled train!
Adam with fix snowman that he and Marc tried to build the day before! This was Christmas morning and Adam build him all by himself!!
Kole, Adam, Kelli, and Jude playing of the boys favorite pass time!
GG with all her grandchildren and great grandchildren!!
Leaving to go back to St. was beautiful!!
Eden with Jude's hulk hands on!
Christmas at Gma and Papa...Adam digging deep in his stocking!
Kelli helping Eden with her stocking!
Krimson in her new princess gown!
The boys with their new DS's...and that was the picture for the rest of the week!
Transformers!!! Always a hit!!
Adam, Marc, and Jude making snow angels in the Fager's backyard!
Marc and I went to Branson for our 11th wedding anniversary!
The kids made this gingerbread house with Gma while we were gone!!
Adam's new year gift...a lost tooth!!
We had a wonderful time with family, and were so blessed by everyone!! It was a Merry Christmas and we pray that everyone has a Blessed New Year!!