Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Christmas Party

Adam's school Christmas party was yesterday!! He came home saying it was the best day he's had at school yet, sooooo I think he had a good time!!! Marc went to his party and said he was so excited! It's great to know that he still has that little kid excitement even though he is so big now!
The snowman shirts were made by the room moms for all the kids to wear! Adam loved his gift that he got at the party!

The room mom's also made these bags...Adam was very proud. Everyone is out now for school. Tonight is our Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas and then off to Illinois!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hair Cuts & Christmas Party

Last week I got my hair cut and highlights taken out, so Monday Krimson wanted her hair cut too!! I've only trimmed her hair once in her whole life, so this was a big cut for us. I was excited about it though and love the results! We took a few pictures of ourselves to remember...

Krimson's Christmas party was today at her school. Here she is with Brek (he was in her MDO class last year and they are good buddies) waiting for Santa Claus to call their name to come get their present from him!!
Krimson was VERY excited to sit with Santa!!!
Can you tell she's happy!! I don't know how many times she gave him was priceless!!
Krimson's class tried to get a group can see how well that went! This was the best one I got, maybe someone else did better.
Krimson eating the snacks at her Christmas party! Eden walked around and tired to get food off every one's plate. You'd think I didn't feed the girl.
Here's Krimson opening her gifts from her friends. Ms. Carrie made the cute bag with her name on it. I love it!!!
Krimson and Mrs. Carrie!! We had a fun day!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Trip

We made a quick trip back to Searcy last weekend for Charis's first birthday!! It was fun and the kids were so excited!! Here is Adam and Ty missing the same tooth!
Hannah made Ginger Bread Cookies and all the kids decorated them at Charis's party!!
Eden Beth played some back ground music while everyone was decorating!!

I know you can't probably see Jude b/c of the camo, but I thought this picture turned out GREAT!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Photos!

Jude had his first program at the Children's Garden! It was their Christmas program and Jude was so excited. He asked me everyday for about a week "How many more days till I sing!" He did awesome and it was so cute watching him!
After the program Santa and Mrs. Claus were waiting to visit with all the kids. Jude was excited to tell him that he wanted the Hulk for Christmas (I think Santa will be making this 5 year old very happy this year :))

I actually thought Eden would cry when I handed her over, but she was pretty fascinated with Santa!! I think this is her first photo with Santa Clause, ever.
Well, we'll see if we can get Krimson next week when Santa visits her school. For those of you I didn't tell, Adam asked a couple of months ago if we were really Santa. I asked he what he thought and he said, "I think it's you and Daddy." I told him he was right, but to keep it a secret from Jude, Krimson, and Eden. He has LOVED being in the "KNOW" He likes to ask in front of the other kids how many more days till Santa comes and then he smiles real big! It is really funny and so cute. He told me today that the song "...he knows when you are sleeping. He knows when your awake. He knows when you've been bad or good, so..." really gives IT away. We got a big boy on our hands and he loves being the big boy!! Well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Parade

Here we are waiting on the streets in Monroe for the Christmas parade to begin! It was pretty chilly out and we had to wait a bit, but it was worth it. The kids were really excited!

Krimson was holding the basket that we were going to collect our candy it is empty, but not for long!
1/2 way Thur, so far so good!
...and jackpot!! Towards the end of the parade the kids were passing up candy (I know it's hard to believe looking at the basket, but we could have gotten more). The kids had so much fun getting candy, waving at strangers, wishing everyone Merry Christmas, and looking at all the different Santa's that went by!
Now on to the serious stuff! This big RV was holding 6,089 toys for CASA. After we collected candy we headed back to Marc's work and unloaded this RV!!
Here is everyone waiting for the doors to be open.
Marc and Krimson carrying in the first toys!
Look at all the Build a Bear boxes!!! I'm not sure how many times Eden said, "Mommy." She was wanting almost every toy we brought in.
Adam, as always, was a BIG helper. He unloaded the RV down to the last toy and then was a huge help sorting the toys.
Here is the final shot of all the toys we unloaded out of the RV!! Many families will have a Christmas to remember this year thanks to the people who gave all these toys. Marc's work works with lots of families that don't have much and every Christmas Marc's work provides these families with their kids Christmas presents!!
Merry Christmas!!!

....and he's off!!!

Jude decided to put down the training wheels today and pick up the 2 wheels only bike!! He did great and we are wondering now why it took so long. He looks like a pro...kind off. Good Job, Jude! We are so proud!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Searcy with the Fouts clan. We had none stop fun and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Lots of activities and peanut butter balls!
Dad put this acrostic's crazy how fast he can make one of these!!
Mom and Dad got a hot tub for their 60th birthdays this year and we all enjoyed their present!
I got these two pictures swapped...below is a picture of Dad with the turkey's he made for the kids to throw darts at. The picture above is Adam throwing a dart at one. They had a good time and all got to pop at least one turkey!!

Eden Beth sliding...she loves it and has not fear.
Thanksgiving Eve we had a is Easton, Luke and Adam enjoying the warmth and dogs!
Dad made a scavenger hunt and we all broke into teams and went a hunting!! This was Marc and my team...front row: Eden, Krimson, Jude, & Easton/back row: Micah, Karie & Marc.
We went on a evening hike one evening and then big daddy surprised us with fireworks at the end!!!! Here is Krimson and Mary holding hands on Me and Angie's shoulders. (You never know when you are going to need your sunglasses, even on a night time hike :))
Mary and Krimson, best buds!!
Jake, Andrew, Adam, Ty, Jude, & Isaac. There was a lot of basketball playing too!
Now for the FEAST! Everyone wrote on the leaves of these trees what they were thankful for! It was a fun activity that Gma had us do.
Big Daddy and Grandma enjoying Thanksgiving lunch!
Nick & Renee
Todd & Marcie
Angie & Joe with Chelsea
Karie & Marc (once again you may never know when you might need your sunglasses...always be prepared:))
Hannah & Dane
19 of the 20 grand kids ready for some yummy food!!!! (Eden was already napping)
Finally I got to hang out with some "forever" friends!!! Jenny was here from Australia, M-M from Tulsa, and me from Louisiana!! What a blessing these two girls have been in my life. Thanksgiving was full of family and friends and we were all Blessed to be together!!